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We are all born as creative beings.  The motivation behind that creativity is as personal as our fingerprints.  Some are fortunate enough to have chosen career paths which display their talents such as: actor Tom Cruise, singer Taylor Swift, professional golfer Tiger Woods and entrepreneur Bill Gates.  For others, their hobbies showcase their passions and talents.  And sadly many people have never explored the artistry bubbling inside them, just waiting to be discovered.

In junior high and high school, my English teachers would tell me I had the imagination and talent to write books one day.  Those encouraging words plus the God given gift for creating stories out of thin air became the fuel to ignite a passion for pursuing what had developed into a dream….to write stories for a living.  Life has a way of derailing dreams.  I married young, had three children by the time I was twenty-six, and for the next thirty-years found myself working  jobs which only served to put food on our table and a roof over our heads.

God’s timing though is perfect and dreams can change.  I married Karen, my high school sweetheart, and I constantly  thank the Lord for bringing her into my life because without her I may not have become a Believer.  While bringing up three children, I discovered a new passion….to be the best father I could be.  My creativity shifted from shaping the lives of imaginary characters on a blank page into shaping the lives of three small children into becoming loving, responsible adults.

Mission accomplished!  Our two daughters each married pastors and our son co-pastors a church in Mesa, Arizona.  As a parent, I will never loose my passion to love my children and nine grandchildren but God showed me that the “empty nest” truly isn’t empty.  The passion I once had for writing returned and so I wrote.  I wrote but what was my motivation?

That question was answered during my lunch breaks at work.  During those thirty minute breaks I would write.  Time after time, curious co-workers sat beside me to ask what I was doing.  After showing them my project, most would say that at one time in their lives they had a passion for (fill in the blank) but life got in the way of their dreams.  After daily hearing these comments, the mission statement for Muddy Water Ministries (a business Karen and I established to sell our books) became a little more clear.  Muddy Water Ministries has now transformed into Desire to Inspire, the platform to inspire people to follow their dreams; to use the gifts God has given them to encourage and help others.



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