One of Those Days

Have you ever had, ‘one of those days’?  Well, yesterday was a ‘one of those days’ kind of day.


For the past four days, I’ve had computer issues which have kept me from blogging.  Now in the world of technology, I’m a dinosaur among computer geeks.  I despise calling for tech support.  First I always have to pray that I get a person who speaks English as their first language.  I have a hard enough time hearing as it is without having to translate as well.  Next, I have to explain that I am a dinosaur and they will have to dumb down their vocabulary.  Then when they still use language not understood in the Jurassic age I have to remind them, that while I may be on the endangered species list, I am not extinct.

So Monday after spending three hours on the phone with a geek, she threw up her hands and had me reset my computer to its original manufacturer’s settings.  Tuesday I woke up excited to write.  My computer said, “Not so fast, buddy.”  Three more hours on the phone and another eleven hour reset.

Okay….so I won’t be blogging today.  I know; I’ll put up those picture shelves Karen has wanted up forever and which I have been conveniently forgetting to do.  As you know, my blogs are about encouraging people to use their gifts.  Putting up level shelving is not my gift so I had been encouraging myself not to do it.  I mean really, how hard can it be?  After two hours, I had managed to make one wall in our bedroom resemble a giant slice of Swiss cheese.  But I finally was able to maneuver the shelves around enough to cover most of the holes.  Karen wanted two shelves up in the kitchen next but after six holes, she thanked me for trying and had me move a grandmother picture quilt over to cover the holes.

While Karen was vacuuming up the mountain of drywall dust on the bedroom floor I had created, she accidentally sucked up a sock I  thought our dryer had eaten.  We tried everything we could think of, short of performing a C-section on the vacuum hose, to get that sock out…. but to no avail.  So we bought a ‘not on the budget but it’s an emergency cheapo vacuum’ at Walmart.

To top off the day, I forgot to buy lettuce and tomatoes for the taco dinner Karen made.  (Tacos without lettuce and tomatoes is like French fries without ketchup or tarter sauce).  Then of course the Seattle Mariners lost again.

I was in a very sour mood when Karen suggested we pray.  And so to continue with the allegory theme: Praying when in a sour mood is like going to church with a hangover; you know you need it but it doesn’t feel right until you do it.  So we prayed.

So did our prayers fix everything….no, but I woke up to birds chirping to the morning sun.  If Karen moves a vase just a little to the right, it will cover up one of the holes.  We can vacuum the floors once more.  We aren’t having tacos tonight so it doesn’t matter that we don’t have lettuce and tomatoes.  Its another day for the Mariners and I am able to write this to you today.

Tell me when you had ‘One Of Those Days’ and what was the outcome.

Share Your Talents

I am not a professional photographer.  I am someone who loves toDSC_0640 experiment with photography.  Years ago I bought a 35mm SLR camera which came with a telephoto lens and a nifty photography book. My brother is a middle school geometry and algebra teacher; I am not. So when it came time to calculate the mathematics of f/stop aperture numbers, I skipped those pages in the book and concentrated on the chapters focusing on being creative.  I bought a wide variety of filters and had a blast playing mad scientist with all the bells and whistles my old point and shoot camera couldn’t provide.  Learning to look for interesting angles, patterns, symmetry, textures and lines made taking pictures an exercise in artistry and fed my creative nature.

I now own a fancy digital SLR camera (at least it’s fancy to me).  Without having to buy film and pay for developing, playing mad scientist isn’t as expensive.  My theory is if you take enough pictures some are bound to be bad, some will be good enough to display as a rotating collage on my laptop, but a few will take me by surprise and be worthy to display in the arts and crafts exhDSC_0610ibit at our community fair.

The whole point in this article is to look for ways to bless people by sharing your talents with others.  Recently, a niece and nephew each got married.  Of course they hired professional photographers to capture the moments of their magical day.  I brought my camera to each wedding and looked for opportunities to take pictures from angles and locations the professionals missed.  Some pictures I deleted immediately, others I kept on my laptop’s hard drive but a few I felt great about sharing on Facebook.  My relatives loved the variety of pictures and they will be available to them free of charge at any time.

So don’t be afraid to make your gifts and talents available to bless others.  God gave them to you use not to hide under a bushel.DSC_0626DSC_0559DSC_0609