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DSC_0674 (1)Karen’s children’s picture book Because God Said “You Are Very Special” is based on the creation story in Genesis and the mystery of Psalm 139.  It reveals how an infinite God is lovingly intimate with His creation.  The idea for this book started with Karen hearing our son-in-law Jason’s first sermon as a new pastor at his first church.  As she listened to Jason retell the creation story, she once again was reminded of the power in God’s Word and how just by speaking, the universe came into existence.  She thought, not only her grandchildren, but every child needs to know this foundational truth.

Children enjoy the bright illustrations by Sadie J. Clem and also love to search for Froggy McButterpants who is hiding on every page.   Because God Said “You Are Very Special” is available through Amazon Books.https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daudible&field-keywords=because+God+said+you



DSC_0664 (1)Trust Me My Child is based on a true story.  In late winter of 1984, I became pregnant with our third child.  At the same time, I was taking a very strong antibiotic to fight a horrible sinus infection.  I received a phone call from my nurse practitioner telling me there was a high probability that my baby would be born with birth defects.

After hanging up the phone, I ran into my bedroom and cried.  I prayed and asked the Lord for a healthy child.  I felt God telling me to trust Him.  “How can I wait eight whole months before knowing if my baby would be okay?”

Then the Holy Spirit brought to mind a rainy day when my daughter and I were taking a walk outside.  Jaymi was playing in a little mud puddle when I looked down the road and noticed a bigger one she would enjoy stomping in more.  Just as I could see what was down the road for my daughter, the Lord asked me to take His hand and trust Him as He led me through those eight months of uncertainty;  His grace would be sufficient for me.  If my precious baby was born having a birth defect or not, either way God loved me and He knew what was best.

I then wrote the poem, Trust Me My Child.  This simple, yet deep message of trusting God under any circumstance will stay tucked away in every childlike heart.  This book ‘s publisher closed it’s doors so it is currently  unavailable through Amazon.  If you would like to purchase an autographed copy from me, please email me at desiretoinspirelife@gmail.com.