The Story Behind “Trust Me, My Child”


mud puddle girl


We live in Washington, “The Evergreen State”.  There is a reason it’s so green–we get a lot of rain.  When the kids were young, I would often bundle them up and take them out for a walk right after it quit raining.  The air was so fresh and it felt good to go out and take a walk.  But the best thing about those walks were the mud puddles.

We live in the country on a dead end road with farmland around us.  We had mud puddles in our driveway and mud puddles down our road.   The bigger the better.  I’d put the kid’s boots on them and they loved to jump and play in the puddles.

One day, I was outside with Katie and Jaymi and they were enjoying the mud puddle they were playing in.  But I noticed an even bigger puddle down the road from us.  So I told them to walk with me to the next puddle.  Jaymi didn’t see the bigger puddle–she was having too much fun where she was.  She began to cry and resisted taking my hand to the bigger puddle.

I eventually convinced her to come with me and Katie.  She was not happy about it until she got to the bigger puddle.  Once she saw it, she was happy again.

I didn’t think much about that incident until a few months went by.   I had been battling reoccurring sinus infections and my doctor prescribed a very strong antibiotic for me.   A couple of weeks into it, I found out I was pregnant.   I called and spoke with a nurse practitioner and asked her if it was ok to be on the antibiotic while pregnant.  She returned my call and confirmed that there was a high probability of my baby having birth defects due to the medication I was on.

After I hung up the phone, I went into my bedroom and cried.   I prayed and asked the Lord for a healthy child and I felt Him telling me to trust Him.  I asked Him, “How can I trust you down the road for eight more months without knowing if the baby is ok or not?”

Then the Holy Spirit brought to mind the one particular rainy day when my daughters and I were walking outside.  Jaymi was playing in the little mud puddle while I saw the bigger one she would enjoy.  Just as I could see what was down the road for Jaymi, the Lord asked me to take His Hand and trust Him as He led me down the road for eight months of uncertainty.  His grace would be sufficient if my baby was born with birth defects or not.  He loved me, and He knew what was best.  At that time, I wrote my poem and now book, “Trust Me, My Child”.

If you know of someone who is going through a tough time and the future is uncertain, “Trust Me, My Child”  will encourage them.   Jesus often used word pictures in His teachings that His disciples could relate to.   This book is a word picture that can get tucked away in every child’s heart.  An audio book download is included in the back of every book.  My grandkids love it because when you are to turn the page, you can hear a mud puddle splash.  I love it, too!

“Trust Me, My Child” is available on Amazon and would make a great gift.  Maybe just throw in a pair of rubber boots along with it!

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