Grandparents Most Valuable Gift….

Out of all the memories I have of my grandparents, what do I recall with the most fondness?

Roller Coaster Santa

As a child, each year could be described as a roller coaster with many ups and downs.  The anticipation leading up to Christmas Eve was like the slow climb up the final, steep incline on that roller coaster.  Just thinking about spending the next few days at both sets of grandparents playing with long-distance cousins, eating all the cookies, pie and candy I wanted, hoping for snow, and opening presents was almost more than I could handle.

The reality was that my siblings and I would end up fighting with our cousins, I always ended up with a stomach ache from eating too many sweets, it never snowed, and a few days after Christmas I was bored with my new presents. I know my grandparents put a lot of energy (and money) into making the holidays great but looking back I don’t remember spending any alone time with them.  They were too busy being good hosts, while taking care of everyone’s needs, to play with me.

The same could be said about my grandparents organizing trips to the zoo, family reunions and birthday parties.  While all these things were fun times with my grandparents, family photos are the only way I remember any details regarding those events; so what do I remember about my grandparents in which don’t need old photographs to flood my mind with vivid details of emotions.

I remember my grandfather giving me his Swiss Army knife, pouring me a glass of Pepsi, and showing me how to whittle a car out of a block of wood so I could compete in the local Cub Scout’s Pinewood Derby race.  I remember taking my grandmother by the hand and leading her down into the basement I was too afraid to go to by myself.  She would open up the mysterious closet door and pull out musty smelling books and games, which had belonged to my father and his brothers, and play with me for hours.  I remember the smell of salt water and the sound of my grandparent’s laughter as my grandfather had to hold onto my pant’s belt so I wouldn’t fall overboard as I struggled to reel in my first salmon.

On Thursday mornings, Karen and I watch three of our grandkids for an hour until their mother gets off work.  Yesterday, Karen asked me if we could give our daughter a break and watch the kids all afternoon.  In my mind I rattled off a list of things I needed (desired) to accomplish that day like:

  • Assemble our new barbeque which came with a million parts.
  • Go to the dentist for my broken filling.
  • Call Costco’s concierge service over a computer glitz because I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to computer problems.
  • Take an afternoon nap.
  • And figure out what I would write for my next blog post.

Instead of accomplishing anything on that list, except for a glorious trip to the dentist, we decided to invest the best gift you can give to your grandkids (or kids); the gift of our undivided attention.  We played basketball, jumped rope, threw water balloons, built a fort, hurled magnetic darts at a felt baseball diamond, and engaged in a games of checkers and Blokus.  And while I didn’t get my afternoon nap, the youngest granddaughter did.

What are your favorite memories with your parents or grandparents?  What can you do to make unforgettable memories with your loved ones?







Make it an “AMA”zing Day!!!

I mud puddle girlwas reminded of this journal entry from June of 2010.  Had fun playing with Caleb & Jakey today.  I look for the simple things in playing with them; like turning a lawnmower box into a boat.  We ate popsicles in the boat and enjoyed the sunshine.  Didn’t think much about it until our neighbor drove by–I don’t think they could see Caleb or Jakey.  Just this crazy “AMA” sitting in a lawnmower box in my driveway eating a popsicle!  Oh well–who cares what the neighbors think!!  Don’t just have a good day!  Have a Great Day and it might end up being “AMA”zing!!!

This Ama is being cyberstretched!

Hello Everyone

mud puddle girl

Forgive me if you have received this before.  We think it was lost in cyberspace!  Terry and I are going through the painful process of building Muddy Water Ministries website!  Even though we are very excited to have a website to share, we realize just how much we do not know in the computer world.  So thank you for your patience!!

Last month Terry and I were so  blessed with the arrival of our 9th grandchild, Hannah Joy.  Our daughter, Katie and her husband, Jason live in Florida with their 4 adorable boys.  They asked if I could come out and stay a while to help when Hannah was born.  I was excited to.  Terry travelled with me for the first part of the trip, but then I was privileged to stay a few more weeks.  I had so much fun getting to spend time with them.   Many memories were made.

The boys absolutely adored their new baby sister!  They would actually fight to hold her next.  Joshie, the youngest, proudly let me know that he was no longer the baby.  But when Jason would come home, Joshie would run to his daddy and plead “Hold me bigger, Daddy, hold me bigger.”  He would just melt in his daddy’s arms and he felt loved and secure.

That was such a word picture for me.  There are times in my life, that I need to know that I have a heavenly Father that I can run to and ask Him to hold me bigger, Lord, hold me bigger!

I’m so thankful that the Lord loves us and His promises are true!  Psalm 91:1-2  “He who dwells in the shelter of the most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.”


Blessings!!!  Until next time…..AMA